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Corporate Governance
Audit Committee

Pursuant to Section 109 of the CMA (previously regulated by Section 15 of abrogated Executive Order No. 677/01), Pampa has an Audit Committee consisting of three regular members, who will all be independent according to the independence standards set out in the CNV rules. The Audit Committee members have professional expertise in financial, accounting, legal, and/or business matters.

Pursuant to the applicable legislation and its own Internal Regulations, the Audit Committee is responsible for compliance with, inter alia, the following duties:

  • Supervising the operation of internal control systems and the administrative/accounting system, as well as the reliability of the latter and of all financial information or any other significant facts that may be disclosed to the authorities in compliance with the applicable reporting system.

  • Advising the Board of Directors on the nomination of candidate independent directors to be members of the Audit Committee.

  • Expressing their opinion on any proposal by the Board of Directors to designate external auditors to be hired by the Company, and ensuring their independence.

  • Reviewing the plans submitted by external auditors, supervising and assessing their performance, and issuing a relevant opinion upon the presentation and disclosure of annual financial statements.

  • Reporting on external audit fees and other services provided by the auditing firm and other firms rendering auditing, accounting, IT systems, internal control and financial and administrative counseling services.

  • Supervising the implementation of risk management information policies within the Company.

  • Providing the market with full information on transactions where there may be a conflict of interest with members of corporate bodies or controlling shareholders.

  • Approving any proposal for compensation of Pampa’s senior management to be submitted by the Board of Directors to the Shareholders’ Meeting for consideration.

  • Rendering its opinion on the compliance with legal requirements and the reasonableness of the issuance of shares or convertible securities in capital increases with the exclusion or limitation of preemptive rights.

  • Authorizing related-party transactions in the cases provided by law, as well as issuing an informed decision and disclosing it in compliance with the law whenever there is or may be an alleged conflict of interest within Pampa.

  • Checking compliance with applicable standards of ethical conduct.

  • Drawing up an annual action plan.

At present, Pampa’s Audit Committee is composed as follows:

Name Position
Marcelo Blanco President
Lucía Belén Gutiérrez Vice-President
Héctor Mochón Regular Member


Last Update on March 11, 2015

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