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Corporate Governance
Supervisory Committee

Pursuant to our bylaws, the oversight of Pampa will be in charge of a Supervisory Committee consisting of three regular members and three alternate members appointed by our shareholders pursuant to the legal provisions in force. The Supervisory Committee will be composed of duly registered lawyers and/or accountants admitted to practice in Argentina, who will serve for a term of three fiscal years.

The primary function of the Supervisory Committee is to exercise statutory control over the Board of Directors complying with the provisions set forth in the Business Company Act, the bylaws, its regulations, if any, and the Shareholders’ Meeting decisions. In the accomplishment of these duties, the Supervisory Committee will neither monitor our operations nor assess the merits of decisions made by board members.

At present, the Pampa Supervisory Committee is composed as follows:

Name Position
José Daniel Abelovich Statutory Auditor*
Jorge Pardo Statutory Auditor
Germán Wetzler Malbrán Statutory Auditor
Marcelo Héctor Fuxman Alternate Statutory Auditor
Silvia Alejandra Rodríguez Alternate Statutory Auditor
Victoria Hitce Alternate Statutory Auditor

(*) President of the Supervisory Committee.


Last Update on May 04, 2015

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