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The Company

The Company was incorporated as an Argentine limited liability corporation (sociedad anónima) in 1945 under the name Frigorífico La Pampa S.A. In 2003, the former business activities, which were limited to the ownership and operation of a warehouse building, were suspended. In 2005, the Company was acquired by the principals of Grupo EMES (formerly Grupo Dolphin), an Argentine private equity group, to serve as a corporate vehicle for its investments in Argentina. The name was changed first to Pampa Holding S.A., and subsequently to Pampa Energía S.A., given the Company’s focus on the energy industry.

Since this change, it begins a story highlighting one goal: to become one of leading energy companies in Argentina. The following timeline summarizes the Company’s milestones:

  • November 2005: Pampa is born

  • October 2006: Pampa acquires a controlling stake of Hidroeléctrica los Nihuiles and Hidroeléctrica Diamante

  • December 2006: Pampa acquires a controlling stake of Central Térmica Güemes

  • May 2007: Pampa acquires Central Térmica Loma de la Lata

  • August 2007: Pampa acquires Central Térmica Piedra Buena

  • January 2011: Pampa acquires CIESA‘s debt

  • April 2011: Pampa acquires EPCA

  • October 2011: Pampa acquires EGSSA (Piquirenda thermal power plant)

  • May 2016: Inauguration of a new gas turbine at Loma de la Lata


Last Update on July 27, 2016

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