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Corporate Governance
Management & Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Pursuant to Business Companies’ Act No. 19,550 (the ‘BCA’), Capital Markets’ Act No. 26,831 (the ‘CMA’) and Pampa’s bylaws, decision-making within the Company is vested in the Board of Directors. The Board consists of ten regular directors and a like or smaller number of alternate directors as determined by the Shareholders’ Meeting, a percentage of which will be independent according to the independence standards set out in the CNV rules. All of our directors are elected for a term of three years and they may be re-elected indefinitely; except for independent directors, who may not be re-elected for consecutive periods. The expiration and further renewal of terms of office is made on a partial and staggered basis every year, with the election of three directors for two years, and four directors on the third year.

As of the date of this Annual Report, Pampa’s Board of Directors has 8 regular directors following the renunciation submitted by Mr. Emmanuel Álvarez Agis, Ms. Lucía Belén Gutierrez and Mr. Eduardo Setti and the assumption of office of Mr. Carlos Tovagliari as regular director (who previously performed services as an independent alternate director). Furthermore, the Board of Directors has 7 alternate directors following the renunciation submitted by Ms. Cecilia Galarza and the assumption of office of Mr. Carlos Tovagliari as regular director, as previously described. Vacant positions will be filled at next Annual Shareholders’ Meeting.

At present, the composition of Pampa‘s Board of Directors is as follows:

Name Position Independence Term expiration*
Gustavo Mariani Director Non Independent 12/31/2016
Ricardo Alejandro Torres Director Non Independent 12/31/2016
Damián Miguel Mindlin Director Non Independent 12/31/2014
Marcos Marcelo Mindlin Director Non Independent 12/31/2014
Diego Martín Salaverri Director Non Independent 12/31/2015
Héctor Mochón Director Independent 12/31/2015
Marcerlo Blanco Director Independent 12/31/2015
Carlos Tovagliari Director Independent 12/31/2015
Pablo Díaz Alternate Director Non Independent 12/31/2015
Alejandro Mindlin Alternate Director Non Independent 12/31/2015
Gabriel Cohen Alternate Director Non Independent 12/31/2015
Mariano Batistella Alternate Director Non Independent 12/31/2015
Brian Henderson Alternate Director Non Independent 12/31/2014
Carlos Pérez Bello Alternate Director Independent 12/31/2015
Gerardo Carlos Paz Alternate Director Non Independent 12/31/2016

*They will be in office until the election of their substitutes.

Executive Officers

The names and responsibilities of the executive officers are as follows:

Name Position
Marcos Marcelo Mindlin Executive director
Gustavo Mariani President, co-CEO, and generation & new business director
Ricardo Alejandro Torres Vice-President, co-CEO, and distribution director
Damián Miguel Mindlin Investment director
Gabriel Cohen Corporate Finance Director
Horacio Jorge Tomás Turri Oil and Gas Director
Orlando Escudero Operations and maintenance co-director
Rubén Turienzo Commercial Director
Mario Ricardo Cebreiro Human resources director and operations and maintenance co-director
Gerardo Carlos Paz Legal director
Mauricio Penta Administrative director


Last Update on March 10, 2016

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